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EvoStrength is a Canadian-based fitness brand that was created during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with millions of fitness enthusiasts around the world, EvoStrength owner and founder Eric Di realized he had two options for his health when the pandemic hit. He could either stop working out or he could bring the gym environment into his own home.

Eric knew that he could not stop working out, so he chose the second option!

Eric chose to stay fit and active by bringing his workouts home with him utilising a range of space saving workout equipment like adjustable dumbbells, resistance bands and innovative rope equipment to allow him to work out with the same intensity of his usual gym sessions, but from the comfort and safety of his own home. 

After discovering this need in the market, Eric set to work sourcing products to help others make the same life changing decisions he had made. He then got to work creating a website, shooting content with his equipment and building the brand through social media. 

At this moment, EvoStrength was born!

A core value of EvoStrength is that their equipment is not a shortcut to success. Instead, EvoStrength provides the tools and community to empower users to achieve their desired body with compatible, accessible, and personalized solutions, all from the comfort of their own home.


Eric Di’s background in fitness and kinesiology along with his personal experience in developing innovative tools to work out makes him a great resource for all things fitness. Equipped with a strong product and brand, Eric was motivated and ready to succeed. But like all great business ventures, EvoStrength needed something more.

They needed a marketing guru to help them bring the EvoStrength brand to life and create a sustainable, profitable, and scalable business. Eric tried learning these tools on his own, beginning with Facebook advertising. Despite his efforts, he was not able to generate much buzz about the business. He spent time, effort, and money, but no results. This inevitably lead Eric to become frustrated and began doubting his business model.

Instead of abandoning the concept, he sought help from marketing agencies and providers. He had a strong vision and needed someone with a track record of success in taking a brand from concept to sales in a short time. That’s when Eric found Dash Activate Online.

Eric came to our team with 2 goals:

Once we aligned on short and long-term objectives, it was time to put our Dash Activate Online team to work.


Dash Activate Online’s keen insight and understanding of what buyers are truly looking for made us the right choice for this collaboration. Our team knows how to move customers from discovery to interest, interest to buyer, and buyer to advocate.

We discovered that EvoStrength’s products were unique, but their advertising strategy needed more definition. We suspected that Facebook users could not clearly identify how the products would fill a gap or a need in their life. This initial audit of the EvoStrength site provided the insight needed to create a fresh marketing strategy that aligned with the brand’s innovative products, fulfilling Di’s first goal.

The Dash Activate Online team is a firm believer that customer engagement is most successful when customers find the right information at the right time in the customer conversion funnel. The customer journey is not always linear; it is often filled with twists and turns. With a marketing strategy powered with the right assets that connect with customers on their unique place in their journey, the conversion from browser to buyer increases.

To do this, we created a plan for EvoStrength to create new content, including text, images, and video. Once we received the raw assets, the Dash Activate Online production team created high-energy, eye-catching videos for the top of the funnel. Using our proprietary testing methodology, Dash Activate Online optimized the ads until we were confident that they would generate high traffic and engagement. Once the EvoStrength brand had captured people’s attention, we filled their middle of the funnel with testimonials and workout videos to maintain the engagement and build a relationship between the viewer and EvoStrength’s ethos.

Some of the creatives we used

At this point, EvoStrength could properly engage viewers and drive website traffic. However, once potential customers reached the website, they were not engaged and motivated to purchase Eric’s items. Dash Activate Online’s landing page team created a new funnel for EvoStrength’s Adjustable Dumbbells, the brand’s most popular product. With new creative along with the updated funnel, the site’s conversion rate began increasing.

To fulfill the second part of Eric’s goal for the EvoStrength brand, we conducted pricing split tests to find the “sweet spot” for the adjustable dumbbells. Since dumbbells are heavy, initially shipping was set at $150. In a world where free shipping has become a staple of modern consumerism, this triple digit number was preventing the company from making sales. Unfortunately, EvoStrength cannot ship the dumbbells for free, so we experimented with ways to decrease the shipping cost. After a few weeks of testing, Dash Activate Online determined that a $99 shipping fee was the sweet spot for the dumbbells. This also meant that the price of the dumbbells needed to increase to maintain their profit margins. Overall, we decreased the shipping fee and increased the product fee to increase customer engagement and sales.

With a multifaceted approach and collaboration from several team members, Dash Activate Online was able to complete Di’s goals for EvoStrength. Then, it was time to put all of these implementations to the test. 


Dash Activate Online helped EvoStrenth dial in their pricing, advertising strategy, and landing page. Just 30 days after launching these new tools, we looked at the metrics. EvoStrength’s sales skyrocketed during Q4 for Black Friday and holiday season sales with a consistent 3.5x return on advertising spend.

Di says, “Thanks to the Dash Activate Online team, I now have a growing business! We have plenty of winning ads and we’ve got the attention of the exact audience we want. One of the best advantages of working with Dash Activate Online is that their service is truly all-inclusive!”

By the end of 2021, Di’s brand was consistently earning $25,000+ each month and focusing on their third product launch for a brand new resistance rope product aimed more at women.

EvoStrength has come a long way since 2020, when Di moved his fitness routine from the gym to his own home. His innovative idea, along with Dash Activate Online’s suite of marketing tools and expertise, brought innovative fitness products into thousands of homes, allowing customers to achieve their desired body with the same rigor and intensity as a fully equipped gym.

The brand’s goals for 2022 are to launch a new website with more product offerings and a more pleasing user experience to increase conversion rates. Eric also looks forward to launching a new product line, expected in the summer. Along with these new products, EvoStrength also plans to scale their existing product line, including the dumbbells, their flagship product.

Some of the results we've achieved

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How Eric Di launched his workout and fitness brand EvoStrength going from $0 to $10,000+ months in just 90 days

“We’ve seen plenty of winning ads and we’ve got the attention of the exact audience that we want. One of the best advantages of working with Dash Activate Online is that their service is truly all-inclusive!”

Eric Di

Evo Strength

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