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We’re Dash Activate Online — an industry leader in devising, implementing, and running end-to-end marketing strategies for our clients worldwide. While we can service clients of all business types, we specifically offer deep expertise and knowledge using Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads for clients in the fashion space. Our team is comprised of some of the best digital marketers, videographers, graphic designers, creative strategists, and copywriters in the business, so our clients can rest assured that when working with us, you’re in the best hands possible.

Clients rely on Dash Activate Online and our incredible team because of our top-notch:

We love seeing our clients succeed with their marketing efforts and are always thrilled to be a part of their profitability and brand recognition journey. 


BONDIBORN is a Sydney, Australia-based, female-owned and operated swim and resort fashion brand. The BONDIBORN mission is “to empower and inspire the summer style of women all over the world, while never compromising on quality, people or the planet.” As a result, their innovative swimwear uses ethically and sustainably sourced technical fabrics that flatter, support, and emphasize the female form. Their unique apparel that features pared-back, sleek silhouette styles is stocked worldwide in major department stores, such as David Jones in Australia, Harrods in London, Moda-Operandi, and Net-a-Porter online.


Before working with our team at Dash Activate Online, BONDIBORN was on a three-year-long journey to expand its footprint in the Australian market. They’d worked with numerous self-proclaimed “experts” and other marketing agencies but struggled to find the right formula to gain traction with Australian buyers. Their ad performance was inconsistent and never reached a point where it could scale to something more significant, limiting sales growth and brand engagement.

BONDIBORN sought a partnership with an agency with the experience, credibility, and creativity to get their online efforts on track. So, after their initial consultation with the Dash Activate Online team, we determined that we’d start with our consulting package — which included regular check-in calls with Darian, our Founder, and Head Strategist — to get their sales process in order. BONDIBORN’s primary goals were to:

Once we aligned on short and long-term objectives, it was time to put our Dash Activate Online team to work.

Solutions Implemented

Once we dug into BONDIBORN’s previous ad testing methods and social media strategies, it was evident that they needed more well-rounded support for their digital marketing efforts. We upgraded them from our consulting package to the full management package, enabling our dynamic team to overhaul their entire creative stockpile and take a more strategic approach to BONDIBORN’s social media. 

We rapidly split test different ad creatives across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and optimize their future strategies around marketing winning products. This was key (before the busy summer swim season) to determine which images, videos, and copy were the “stickiest” with customers. With our increased knowledge and understanding of what was most popular with their target audiences, we developed a winning ad formula that was custom-tailored to BONDIBORN’s business needs. 

Some of the creatives we've ran:

BONDIBORN’s team has a unique understanding of the media landscape, so they have a huge focus on cinematic and emotion driven video assets. They prepared numerous visuals and angles of their products and models that our team could dive into to recut, edit and tweak. With so much solid content, our marketers tested a massive number of variations to really hone in on winners that we could scale. As winners bubbled to the surface in early testing, we would load those into our primary prospecting campaigns to start scaling. Certain swimwear lines like Mackinley, Eleanor, Wren and Lola really outperformed others, so as our team noticed patterns in the data, we leveraged these winners to drive new business and additional reach with attention-grabbing ads we were confident would be successful. 

We’d cycle those winners out, opening up more room for our team to develop other creatives for testing. Once the peak buying season came around, we had a stockpile of pre-social-proofed killer ads that we were confident would convert. We also generated significant quantities of acquisition data leading up to the Summer season, enabling our ad specialists to be ultra-specific with manual bidding strategies. Our preparation and tactics ensured that when BONDIBORN needed to outbid competitors, they could do so with ease. 

We leveraged a third-party analytics platform called Oribi to help generate unique social media marketing insights, make custom tags across their site, track user journeys outside standard attribution windows, and build custom audiences and optimization events based on the data collected. Thanks to our agency partnership with Oribi, we were able to take a deep into not only the topline KPIs on the website and ads, but also learn valuable insights into user journeys, analysing specific actions that generate each transaction in order to help optimise our audience targeting and pixel data.

With a one-two punch of high-tech data-based decision making and a team of the best marketers in the business, we made a tremendous impact on BONDIBORN’s business. Take a look.

Results Achieved

Within just the first 90 days — our first Summer season working with BONDIBORN — we boosted their sales 90 percent year over year, nearly doubling their volume in Australia with a noteworthy 4x return on ad spend (ROAS). Once we demonstrated our expertise in their home market, we expanded our marketing efforts to reach the US market to take advantage of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer season. The pivot into North America resulted in a complete inventory sellout in under three months at an average of 3.5x ROAS

Video significantly outperformed image ads throughout our testing phases, perhaps partly due to the new limitations placed on ad tracking thanks to iOS14. At Dash Activate Online, we thrive on using video as it helps us get around the limitations of pixel tracking. We created highly engaging video content, resulting in conversions from extended view lengths, hyper-engaged audiences, and retargeting campaigns. So, even with the COVID-19 shutdowns, we generated a 350 percent increase in sales from 2019 to 2020. 

In total, our ad campaigns for BONDIBORN have generated well over $1.2M in swimwear sales at an average of 4x ROAS. This past summer alone (2021), we helped their brand generate yet another massive year-over-year improvement of 400 percent, with over $600,000 in Summer ‘21 sales

We’re proud of the progress BONDIBORN has made, and we’re grateful to be along for the journey. We look forward to future successful seasons selling swimwear with them!

Some of the results we've achieved

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“We started using Dash Activate Online for Australian Summer 2020 and very quickly I found that their strategic approach and knowledge of the platform were far more sophisticated than my previous agencies. They were also very conscious of profitability and would move away from campaigns/strategies that didn’t deliver.   In our first season working together, Australian Spring/Summer 20/21 (Sep-Feb), our online store saw 90% growth YOY despite Covid and six weeks into the 20/22 season (Sep-Mid-Oct) our Australian online store is 277% up YOY as we have consolidated and built-on the lessons we learned together in our first season.”

Dale McCarthy


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