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We’re Dash Activate Online — an industry leader in devising, implementing, and running end-to-end marketing strategies for our clients worldwide. While we can service clients of all business types, we specifically offer deep expertise and knowledge using Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads for clients in the lifestyles space.

Our team is comprised of some of the best digital marketers, videographers, graphic designers, creative strategists, and copywriters in the business, so our clients can rest assured that when working with us, you’re in the best hands possible.

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About Dock & Bay

Dock & Bay is a global beach towel and outdoors lifestyle brand sold in all major markets including the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia. In addition to being stocked in some of the world’s biggest department stores, Dock & Bay also sell direct to consumer through their localized Shopify stores.

The story goes that Andy (Head Poncho) and Ben (Towel Wizard of Oz), shared the same struggle of standard towels being too chunky for their backpacks while travelling (poor guys). Following some intense brainstorming – drunkenly pulling down a big red curtain and sticking pieces of white paper to it to create our now-iconic stripes – D&B’s quick dry, compact wonders were born.

Their mission is to make the world a little brighter, so they created the ultimate, quick dry beach towel. Since then, their innovative product range has expanded to include hair wraps, home towels, ponchos, and even a Kids & Babies’ range. 

Yet, by the beginning of 2022, they encountered a snag. Despite seeing impressive sales growth from their flagship Cabana Towels range, the cost to generate those sales was inconsistent which naturally lead to scalability challenges.

Enter Dash Activate Online…


Come Q3 of 2022, Dock & Bay found themselves in turbulent waters.

Despite a wealth of high quality creative assets at their disposal, the results in their ad account just weren’t reflecting these high quality inputs. Spaghetti testing and a lot of impulsive decision had created chaos and clutter…
The outcome was an ad account filled with a assortment of random creatives, constructed more from instinctual hunches than any data-backed decisions.

The brand, known for its vivacious, playful spirit and lifestyle-driven messaging, just wasn’t conveying that in their ads. The underpinning charm and allure that distinguished Dock & Bay was missing. In conjunction with this, their audience strategy had gone haywire. Instead of a coherent, streamlined targeting approach, the brand was entangled in a plethora of mixed strategies, leading to inefficiencies and lack of direction.

The brunt of these issues was felt in their CPAs, which had skyrocketed to an unsustainable $78, especially concerning when contrasted against their $100 AOV. 


The ripple effects of the iOS updates, which had been throwing off media buyers with data loss and tracking issues for over a year, further exacerbated their situation. As the third quarter drew to a close, the Australian Ad Account for Dock & Bay painted a picture of lost potential, with a pressing need for rejuvenation and a solid roadmap ahead.

So, after their initial consultation with the Dash Activate Online team, we determined that we’d need to dive headfirst into creative testing to turn these average performers into SUPERSTARS…

The goals were set for Dock & Bay to succeed… 


Once we aligned on short and long-term objectives, it was time to put our Dash Activate Online team to work.

Solutions Implemented

After a meticulous audit by Dash Activate Online, the heart of the issue was clear: Dock & Bay’s creative testing was underexplored, harboring a trove of untapped potential.

Dash Activate Online decided to introduce Dock & Bay to their unique Scroll Frame Optimization, a method geared to comprehensively test every single aspect of top-performing ads to derive maximum efficiency.


Dash’s Scroll Frame Optimization hinges on:

  1. The Big Five Creative Tests:
    • Text Overlay (Headline) A/B testing on winning ads
    • Thumbnail Visual A/B testing
    • Design Variations A/B testing
    • Hooks A/B testing
    • Avatars A/B testing
  2. The Three Rules of Optimization:
    • Adhere to the Winning Ad Formula
    • Implement Ad Variable Isolation
    • Test only one variable at a time


By leveraging popular TikTok trends in their ad hooks and continually refining each variable, Dash Activate Online aimed to uncover those gold nugget ad elements which, when put together, could make an ad go viral.

The example below is a collection of ads where we split tested thumbnail messaging and hooks to drive CPAs down from over $30 to $13 within a few weeks!

Some of the HOOK TESTS we ran:

The months that followed this strategic overhaul painted a vivid success story. A record Christmas and end of Summer sales period, an expansion into newer product lines like Bath towels, Hair Wraps, Dog Towels, and Ponchos, and an almost 25% boost in Average Order Value (AOV). Plus, with the CPA plummeting from a whopping $32+ in December to a much healthier $15 by May (despite it being off-season for beach products), the results were clear. Dock & Bay wasn’t just back in the game, they were leading it.


Results Achieved

Within just the first 90 days — our first Christmas season — we dropped their CPA by more than 40 percent year over year, nearly doubling their volume in Australia with a noteworthy 4.8x return on ad spend (ROAS), a significant improvement from the 1.2 they were seeing before.

Once we demonstrated our expertise with their Christmas and Boxing Day Sales, we expanded our marketing efforts to tackle the vast backlog of undeployed and untested creatives. 

Video significantly outperformed image ads throughout our testing phases, perhaps partly due to the new limitations placed on ad tracking thanks to iOS14. At Dash Activate Online, we thrive on using video as it helps us get around the limitations of pixel tracking. We created highly engaging video content, resulting in conversions from extended view lengths, hyper-engaged audiences, and retargeting campaigns.

We also took top performing ads we have seen proven conversions from in the account and ran them through our Big-5 Creative testing process.

Optimizing hooks, thumbnails, messaging and scripts to revitalize their ads and increase performance in some cases by as much as 400%!

In total, our ad campaigns for Dock & Bay Australia have generated well over $1.0M in beach towel sales at an average of 4.5x ROAS.

We even consistently hit $100K+ months through the Winter time selling towels, ponchos and beach accessories!

We’re proud of the progress Dock & Bay has made, and we’re grateful to be along for the journey.

We look forward to future successful seasons!

Some of the results we've achieved

But don't just take our word for it...

Hear from Dock & Bay's team members...

“I can’t do anything but thank you for your support and we absolutely recognise your work in stabilising and improving our account performance over the last few months to a year!”

David Barton

Dock & Bay

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