3 HUGE changes coming with Apple’s iOS14 release…

Whilst we still don’t know the exact release date, like all other great Facebook marketers we’re waiting with baited breathe on the upcoming release of the ‘Pixel killer’ OS… iOS14.

Like many other advertisers, we’ve noticed a sudden shift in conversion optimisation and tracking pixel events over the recent weeks.

If you’re in the same boat, then read on for a brief overview of what is likely going on.

As you may have heard, Apple’s iOS14 is due for release in September. With a host of fun new upgrades including home and lock screen widgets, new notifications, brand new emojis and more we’re certainly excited.

However, there’s a number of advertiser unfriendly updates coming too including:

? Approximate vs Precise location tracking
? Recording indicators for your camera and mic
? Users will need OPT IN for apps to track them (this is huge)

Discover more about these 3 major updates in our latest video below ???




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