How to Create Facebook Ads That Stop the Scroll

Small business owners have a lot on their plates and daily to-do lists. ✅ Once they launch, there’s a sense of scrambling going on to have all their ducks in a row. 😬From having an optimized eCommerce website ready to go to a robust social media presence. 📲Suddenly they’re also hit with the dreaded question of how to create Facebook ads that will stop the scroll of their intended audience. 🆘

Sure, just about anyone these days can pick a catchy social media handle and begin to curate their feed according to how they ‘feel’ that day or adding a video of themselves jumping on whatever trendy challenge is hot at that moment. 🤩

This widespread use of social media for people of all age groups and walks of life often gets the mind of a small business owner muddled. As they begin to plan what sort of content to create and post to their feeds, they often think with solely their own personal experience using social media and not necessarily from the perspective of their business objectives OR what their target audience avatars may be interested in. ❌

It happens to the best of us. It can get confusing and downright frustrating building a content strategy, writing what is perceived as enticing and brilliant copy for the content, scheduling it out and even boosting it on Facebook or Instagram, and coming to find out that it has received little to no engagement at all. 😰

You begin to scratch your head and wonder “What am I doing wrong?”. 🤔You question just how so many of these other businesses are doing it successfully, and how to create Facebook ads that stop the scroll for hundreds and hopefully thousands of newly interested and eager potential customers.

These dilemmas and uncertainties for Facebook and Instagram ads are far too common. Indeed, we assure you that you are not alone. 💯

👉🏽We here at Dash Activate Online want to help clear that fog for you and navigate just how to improve and level-up your Facebook ad game.

Check out these 3 tips below on how to create Facebook ads that stop 🛑the scroll:

🎨Use Bright Colors

  • Utilizing unique and bright colors and interesting patterns within your Facebook or Instagram ads can help break up the flow of mundane and everyday imagery and videos that so many users unconsciously scroll through. This should, of course, be applied with the businesses existing branding and aesthetic in mind. You would not want to delve too far out of your branding guidelines to meet this requirement. The key is to stay authentic and on-brand but think outside of the box for the color palettes you want to use to create a striking ad.

🖼Be Creative with Framing and Use of Space

  • Be mindful of how much you fill-up space in your ad. Just the same, be careful not to make items and text too tiny and hard to read. When it comes to filling the space within your Facebook ad it is important to consider the placement of the business logo, how far apart objects are from one another, awkwardly placed or cut off imagery, and several other graphic design faux pas. One rule of thumb to keep in mind when developing an ad is to keep it simple. Avoid using too many effects. Less can still be more if done correctly.

🎬Showcase Your Best Shot for Videos

  • This can be achieved with an enticing thumbnail of a still shot from your video content. Leaving the video to be discovered on its own random thumbnail is not ideal, as it can often be an awkward or an even less interesting image at first glance for a potential customer to keep scrolling past. You want to minimize that risk by choosing an interesting thumbnail as a cover for your video to pique interest in the user and spark further curiosity in them to actually click on your video ad to ‘see what happens next’.

So, there you have it, our 3 tips on how to create Facebook ads that ✋🏽stop the scroll!  

We run through these same best practices when creating any ad content for our clients on a daily basis. 👍🏽

We sincerely hope that our tips help empower 💪🏽your small business with these easy and actionable steps to improving your Facebook ads to obtain more leads.

If you’re still feeling a little stuck on what your target audience avatar even looks like, head over to our blog post on the benefits of understanding your buying avatar to help with your creative content design strategy.

You can also discover more business tips and hacks for your eCommerce store on our 👉🏽 YouTube channel 👈🏽

👋🏽Until next time – we wish you a productive and dashing week! 



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