How to Have a Productive Day Using the 90/20 Rule

Are you working from home currently due to COVID-19 and wondering how to have a productive day?? Perhaps you’ve been working remotely for a week or two now and in a bit of a rut thinking exactly how to be productive working from home and how on earth anybody manages it successfully. ?

?? Have no fear, for Dash Activate Online is here to help reveal the best-kept secret to working remotely and how to have a productive day using the 90:20 rule.

The 90:20 rule is quite simple, really.

☝? In essence, it equates to 90 minutes of work and then a 20-minute break.

This sort of breaking down your schedule and tasks in bite-size chunks helps you stay in a flow-state ?more consistently ?AND it can help alleviate the dreaded long grind times that we so often fall victim to.

The key here with the 90:20 rule is to keep you more focused and refreshed throughout your workday. It facilitates for a much less stressful work from home scenario and brings more tranquility ??‍♀️– which is critical in this time around our world where people are already stressed and in panic mode due to coronavirus and our incessant need to stay informed via the news, which in return adds to our vicious cycle of anxiety and fear. ?

? So why not give the 90:20 rule a chance? ? You’ve got everything to gain from a productivity hack that not only helps you crank out more work in less amount of time but also helps you implement a healthier work-life balance. ?

? Check out the video below for more productivity tips from our master productivity hacker and founder of Dash Activate Online, Darian James!

Discover more productivity hacks on our ?? YouTube channel ??



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