? Understanding Your Buying Avatar

Learn the benefits of user personas and the importance of truly knowing who you’re trying to target and speak to with your Facebook advertising.

? Are you targeting the right buying avatars to obtain more leads for your eCommerce business?

Now, if you’re having trouble even determining ?“Who is MY buyer avatar?”, have no fear, for it is far more common for businesses to struggle with this exact question.

When thinking of your business niche and what kind of people are attracted to that industry and its product offerings, try to think about just how many different types of folks that the audience has to offer. ?

?? Remember, not all potential customers for businesses have the same needs and desires as the other. They will all certainly have individual pain points and overall personal reasons as to why they purchase and use a particular product.

?Think about all the details and little nooks and crannies that go into the complex build-up of an individual’s personality, lifestyle, and buying habits. Not all buyer avatars are created equally, but there can be some overlaps.

The key takeaway here is to always look at different ways to target your wide variety of potential and current customers because you could be missing out on some major opportunities when you paint them all with the same broad stroke. ?

? Check out the video below for more tips to help your business better understand its buying avatars for running Facebook ads!

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