Are you prepared for CBO…? It’s coming to ALL Facebook Ad Accounts – February 27th 2020

Hi there Digital Marketer and eCommerce store owner…

Are you prepared for CBO? It’s coming! This Thursday, February 27th 2020 our friends at the big blue giant – Facebook are rolling out mandatory CBO across all ad accounts.

This means that just like back in the day when Facebook Ads first became available to buy, all budgets will now have to be set at the campaign level.

At Dash Activate Online, we’ve been experimenting with CBO for months now. Preparing for the inevitable switch over and prepping POTENT CBO strategies for testing, graduating and scaling our client’s ad accounts.

There are a few KEY fundamentals to understand when it comes to CBO.


CBO s a self-learning system which decides where to place your budget in a given day, using both history and recency of performance AND today’s auction conditions.

CBO NEEDS time to get in gear, time can be bought with bigger budgets so you can test faster.

CBO is MORE likely to deliver results when you’re working with proven ad sets and ads (which is why we use a 2 phase testing process to pre-qualify audiences and ads).

CBO budget decisions include ad set, age, gender, device, placement, time of day, ad and more – thus it needs both time and money to get this right for you.

Check out our video below to learn more about this powerful budget optimisation tool and how to make the most of it when it comes to your Facebook eCommerce Marketing Campaigns…



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