The Future of Instagram Marketing in 2019

The Wave of Change:

Instagram is becoming one of the biggest social media platforms. An app that started just as a simple picture sharing site with time has become much more than its creators had envisioned. Nowadays, Instagram has more than 600 million users and it is easily “THE” platform to be on.

As such, Instagram has become one of the best platforms for advertising.  With the acquisition by Facebook, Instagram got a stronger infrastructure and support that allowed it to evolve in the platform that it is today.

In 2019 Instagram is “The Platform”  for advertising products and services.  And why is that you might ask yourself? Well, find out by sticking until the end of this article…

1. Evolution of Engagement

Up to 2019, the main way of engagement on Instagram was the “Like System”. Similar to Facebook, engagement was based on simple double tap to like mechanism. A simple, and somewhat effective way to engage with your audience and potential customers. The problem is that you can only do so much through simple likes. Engagement through Instagram feeds was on a decline in the last few years, and we all know that less engagement means less potential customers.

But Instagram added a function that was previously only used by Snapchat. And that function is time-based short stories, or better known as “Instagram Stories”. In the last few years, Instagram Stories has taken the world by a storm. Over 400 million people watch Instagram stories daily. This was certainly a step forward, but the real improvement is just starting to put its own mark on the way that marketing works on Instagram.

Engagement is shifting from simple likes to stickers. This will revolutionize how marketers interact with potential customers. You were used to seeing the reach of your post only by counting the likes that you got on your post or ad. With Stickers, you are adding another dimension of engagement with your followers and potential customers.  You can post “Countdown” stickers that will paint a picture of how many followers are interacting with your post in a set period of time. You can also give a special offer to your followers that lasts only a set amount of time.

Or, You can also create your own stickers that will represent your brand, you can also create your own Stories Gifs and so on. The possibilities are pretty much endless. There was never before such a simple, yet effective way to interact with your followers and potential customers.

2.Authentic Influencers

We all know that influencers at least recently have been considered the ” Be All, End All” of Instagram. Without them, medium and small size companies couldn’t push their products as effectively without spending huge sums of money on traditional ads.

But not every influencer is a good investment if they aren’t offering anything unique to your business. Sure, they can have millions of followers, even ten’s of millions, but if they have weak engagement with their audience or none at all, then there is a high chance that you won’t get what you have hoped for. They may just be an endless pit that sucks all of your money away.

But what should you do then?  On what kind of influencers is it worth spending money on? The answer lies right in front of you. The best influencers out there are the ones that are authentic and unique. Influencers who differentiate themselves from the flock. They are the ones that give you best bang for your buck. They have a unique way of interacting with their fanbase. They also know what kind of products their fanbase likes, and what they are willing to spend their money on. And best of all, they know how to advertise your product or service in a unique and effective way that looks at home on their feed.

Even companies with deepest pockets are starting to use this concept. They have enormous sums of money, but that does not mean that they are willing to spend it all on an investment that probably won’t turn them a profit.  Be smart, find influencers that can offer you most for your money, which have an audience that adores them. Then you will realize how a small spend can in return give you more.

3. Micro Influencers

Speaking of more… From a young age, we all were thought that more is better. More money equals more happiness. Heck, almost everyone wants to have more money and more stuff. In some cases that is beneficial, but what about when it comes to Instagram marketing? Instagram is full of influencers that have a huge following. In some cases that number can go to astronomical heights. The sheer thought of working with those influencers certainly is exciting, but how realistic is that? Unfortunately not as realistic as you first think… Does the Instagram vs Reality meme ring a bell here :p

They are people that get hundreds and hundreds of advertising offers weekly, if not daily. And most of them they just refuse, may not even respond to your outreach. This might kill your enthusiasm.

But luckily for your things are changing. Micro influencers are rapidly becoming the future of Instagram marketing.

While a few years ago, most companies would consider them just a worthless investment, in the future they will play a major role in Instagram marketing. And why is that? Because they are really connected with their fanbase. Their fanbase is also really engaged with them. The size of their fanbase allows them to interact and connect with their fans on a personal level. Which makes people trust them more. Also, in many cases, they are unique influencers that cater to a specific niche demographic or market.

Micro Influencers usually have less than 100 000 followers. Some might have less than 10 000. But what they can give you in return is low prices, a super engaged fanbase, and best of all, you can invest in a lot of them for scale. They are a perfect advertising platform for small companies or companies with niche products.

Future is Bright for Instagram Marketing.

Instagram marketing is changing for the better. It offers more and more options with less and less potential problems. And best of all, it is rapidly growing. You want to become part of the Instagram advertising machine? Then what are you waiting for? There was never a better time to start advertising on this amazing platform!



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